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Red  Bear Guides
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7 to 20 Day Hunts

Moose - (1X1)
Moose - (2x1)

Coastal Brown Bear - (1x1)
Coastal Brown Bear - (2X1)
Peninsula Brown Bear

Black Bear $6,500
Caribou $8,500
Combination Hunts  
Moose/Coastal Brown Bear/Black Bear - (1x1)
Moose/Coastal Brown Bear/Black Bear - (2x1)

Add-On Animals

Second Coastal Brown Bear $5,000
Second and Third Black Bear (each) $1,500
Wolf (each) $1,500
Wolverine $1,500



Services Provided:

Fully Guided Hunt
Tent/Bomb Shelter Camp
Taxidermy Preparation of Hides (Skinning Fleshing - Salting)

Fishing trips can be scheduled for $500/day with a 5 day minimum. Peninsula Brown Bear hunt prices are based on one hunter with one guide or assistant guide, 2X1 hunt prices are based on two hunters with one guide or assistant guide.  Ask abouut a price quote for 1X1 hunts. Above prices do not include meals, lodging or airfare to and from base camp.

Cost of hunting licenses and tags is not included with abive prices but is available online at ( or by calling (907) 465-2376

Thank you for your inquiry. Red Bear Guides is owned and operated by licensed, registered Master Guide, Creig Butler. We are an Alaskan, honest, hard working outfit, who will do everything we can to help get your trophy of a lifetime. Creig and his assistants will be helping you with the logistics of your trip as well as guiding you in the field. Though we have large areas to hunt, we hunt in small groups. There is generally one guide and one hunter in the field at one time. This allows us to be more personally involved in your hunt. Mobility is the key element to our success. We make use of boats and airplanes to give you the best opportunity for a successful trip. All hunting is done in accordance with both State and Federal Fish and Wildlife regulations. Hunting in the wilderness of Alaska is quite different from hunting in the “lower 48” states. This letter will provide some of the information you need so your hunt can be planned and enjoyed. And, most of all, successful!

DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit of the total hunt price (including observer fee, if any) is required to reserve your space for the hunt dates. To confirm your hunt dates, the final payment must be made no later than 60 days prior to the start date of the hunt. Deposits and payments can be made by personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or bank draft. Once the deposit has been paid, quarterly or monthly payments may be arranged.

CANCELLATION: The deposit is non refundable. If you do not arrive in base camp as scheduled, any refund will be at the sole discretion of Red Bear Guides.

WEATHER: Weather is one of the biggest factors affecting your hunt in Alaska. Unfortunately, we can not control it, but we can help you work with it. It is highly suggested that when you plan your flights to and from Anchorage and the designated villages and base camp, you make reservations one or two days before and after your hunt dates. Due to weather conditions, it is possible that planes will not be able to land in or depart from the base camp or villages, as scheduled. Trip insurance is also suggested in case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances man made or caused by nature.

AIR TRAVEL: It is your responsibility to make and pay for your airline reservations from your home to the base camp and return. Keep in mind the possibility of being “weathered in” when reserving flights. . Due to weather or weight restrictions, you and your trophy may not be able to fly out of the base camp at the same time. Be sure to check with the various airlines for gun regulations. Also, check on airline policies, fees and instructions for shipping antlers or hides as baggage.

TROPHY/MEAT SHIPMENT: After the hunt, in the designated village, you should be able to purchase wetlock boxes or plastic garbage can containers. Although it is your responsibility to pay for shipping of your antlers/hides and meat, Red Bear Guides will assist you with arranging the transportation from the base camp to Anchorage. Once in Anchorage, if you do not want to or cannot take your trophy home on the airplane, there are expediting businesses available to prepare and crate your hide/antlers for shipment to your home or taxidermist, . There are several meat processors in Anchorage, some of which will pick up the meat at the airport, process it, and ship it to your home. If you choose not to take the meat home with you, it can be given to the guides or donated to the local food bank.

TERRAIN: The wilderness terrain can include boggy marsh, streams, hills, steep, rocky mountains, and alder patches. Because of the terrain and possible weather conditions (rain, wind, cold, snow) you should be in very good to excellent health. You will be walking at least 3 miles a day, uphill.

PHYSICAL/MENTAL CAPABILITIES: You will have better success and a more enjoyable hunt if you are in good physical and mental condition. It is strongly recommended that you start an exercise program to build your stamina and muscles in preparation for your hunt in Alaska. Include in your exercise program, climbing 3-4 flights of stairs, 10 times a day wearing your back pack. Be sure to notify Red Bear Guides of any medical conditions and/or medications that we need to be aware of, i.e., allergies, heart/lung disease, diabetes, back, and hip or foot problems. At any time, at their discretion, Red Bear Guides reserves the right to terminate the hunt for anyone determined to be unsafe to themselves or others. Should a termination occur, any refund will be at the sole discretion of Red Bear Guides.

RESPONSIBILITIES/COSTS: Red Bear Guides will provide a fully equipped base camp with a knowledgeable guide/assistant guide, 3 meals a day, bomb shelter, tents, cots, pads, boats, fishing gear, etc. Preparation of and assistance in making arrangements to ship your trophy out of the base camp will be provided, You will be responsible for the cost of travel, meals, and lodging prior to arrival and after departure from the base camp. It will be your responsibility to purchase any required licenses, tags, or permits prior to the start of the hunt. It is strongly suggested that you bring at least $1000 cash for services, not covered by Red Bear Guides, such as lodging, meals, souvenirs, and gratuities. Some places in these small villages do not accept credit cards or checks.

OBSERVERS: Observers, such as spouse, photographer, non hunter, are welcome to join you on the hunt. There is an observer fee of $6,000.00, for which a 50% deposit is also required.



Alaska Airlines............................................800-225-2752 
Bay Air.......................................................(907) 842-2570

Meat Shops(Anchorage)

Indian Valley Meats..................................(907) 653-7511 
Alaska Sausage & Seafood.......................(907) 562-3636 
Tenth & M Seafoods..................................(907) 272-3474 
Glenn's Wild Game Processing.................(907) 337-1278 

Expediting Hides/Antlers

Knight's Taxidermy Inc.................................(907) 344-5501 

  Gear List

  Ammunition (40 rounds)
  Batteries (extra for headlamp, flashlight, camera/video)
  Binoculars (8x35 or 10x40)
  Boots (leather, waterproof, Gore-Tex lined)
  Boots (rubber, knee high, LaCrosse, ankle fit, air grip)
  Bug Dope
  Day Pack (large)
  Flashlight (small)
  Gloves (leather, wool, winter, waterproof, several pairs)
  Hat (winter, bombardier style to cover ears)
  Head Lamp
  Head Net (bug proof)
  Hip Boots or Chest Waders
  Jacket (heavy, winter)
  Jacket or Pullover (polar fleece)
  Long Underwear (medium weight, polypropylene, 2 sets)
  Personal Gear (toiletries, non scented bay wipes, small towel,
        medicines, etc)
  Rain Gear (loose fitting, Cabela’s MT 50)
  Scope Cover
  Shirt & Pants (loose fitting, 2 sets)
  Skinning Knife & Sharpening Stone
  Sleeping Bag (non-goose down; zero degree temperature rating)
  Socks (light, liner, polypropylene, 4 pairs)
  Socks (wool blend, 4 pairs)
  Sun Block
  Water Bottle (24-32 oz)

Packing instructions:
No more than 70 lbs of gear, per person. Pack gear in small waterproof bags, and then place all bags inside the large bag you will use to travel to Alaska. Put your name or a luggage tag on each bag. At a later time, the small bags may be removed from the larger bag in order to pack them into a small aircraft or boat.


I just wanted to say thanks for the incredible adventure. Your guides and hospitality were overwhelming.  I was extremely impressed with my guide and his professionalism, outdoorsman skill, knowledge and abilities.  I am looking forward to an opportunity to hunt with you again.  Again thanks for the adventure of a lifetime.

James Eisenhart 

I met Creig Butler at a sportsman's show.  He is a no nonsense, self confident kind of guy who quizzed me about my experience while fielding my long list of questions regarding his operation.  He put together a brown bear hunt that I feel is unmatched anywhere.  I truly believe that you can't go wrong hunting bear with Red Bear Guides

Jeff Mees 

One of our very best hunters sent us this wonderful pickled fish recipe!  Click Here to enjoy it!

Grizzly Bear Hunter

I found Creig's natural air in the wild to be quite comforting.  He is a man who knows the wilderness, the wildlife, and the way to safely navigate both.  A wonderful guide who has a great sense of when to be close and when to give you space.  I honestly, look forward to returning this year for another wonderful experience!

Don Steinberger

It was a most successful trip and we spent a fantastic time in the nicest place of the loveliest landscape in the world!  Your professional assistance and encouragement during the hunt was fantastic!  Thank you!

International Hunter

I would strongly advise anyone to hunt with Red Bear Guides.  You can feel safe and know that the right thing is being done to make your hunt successful and fun.  I fully intend to hunt again with Creig.

Chapter President, SCI

His attention to the hunters needs, knowledge of the area, and ability to judge the quality of the animals are all top notch.

Brown Bear Hunter


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Hunt Alaska with Red Bear GuidesThank you for inquiring about Red Bear Guides.  We are an honest and hard working outfit, that will do everything we can to help you get your trophy of a lifetime.  Hunting in Alaska is quite different from hunting in the lower 48 states.  There are many factors that affect your hunt in the wilderness of Alaska.  Hopefully this letter will give you the information you need to understand what you will encounter and what you can expect, so your hunt can be planned and enjoyed.  And most of all, successful!

Red Bear Guides, owned and operated by licensed Master Guide Creig Butler, who has been guiding hunters in Alaska for many years. We provide guided hunts for Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear. We take personal pride in having produced many memories for our many clients.

Registered Master Guide Creig Butler and his assistants will be helping you in the logistics of your trip as well as guiding you in the field.

We have a variety of hunts and trips to accommodate the hard core backpack hunter as well as the client who prefers the more gentleman type hunts.

Mobility is the key element to our success. We make use of boats and airplanes to give you the best opportunity for having a successful trip.  We provide fullyRed Bear Guides guided hunts, tent/bomb shelter camps, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and taxidermy preparation of the hides.  The specific trip you choose will help us to determine whether you will be hunting out of a camp, tent, a lodge, by boats or, on foot. Whichever trip you choose, we will provide you with a knowledgeable guide, good food and warm shelter in a productive game area.

New for this year is our exclusive peninsula brown bear hunting area that provides us with both coastal and interior areas to hunt. Our hunts are primarily for Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear.

Though we have large areas to hunt, we hunt in small groups. There are generally one guide and one hunter in the field at one time. This allows for us to be more personally involved in your hunt.

Red Bear GuidesWe try to take trophy animals out of our areas to insure the future of our hunting stock of quality game. Example: Brown Bear 9'- 10' Male, Grizzly Bear 7'- 9' Male, Moose 58"- 70"

All hunting is done in accordance with both State and Federal Fish and Wildlife regulations. Any violations of these regulations will be reported to fish and wildlife departments.


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